The World Is Really Ending: Jenna Marbles and Max NoSleeves Break Up


Two weeks ago, my friend and I were very disturbed to find a very sad looking Jenna Marbles explaining in her video that she was too sad to make up anything new, so she used extras from a previous video. She looked on the verge of tears. See below.

Two weeks later, her Drunk Christmas video explains that she and Max broke up. Honestly, I would have preferred if one of her friends had just died or something (which I suspected) because this is just so much worse.  (Yes I know it’s bad to wish someone had died but I’m not actually serious, but this is a travesty of epic proportions.) Jenna and Max were (are) the embodiment of everything you’d want in a relationship. They reminded you of those best times of a relationship long over that you dream about still, and the times you’re pretty sure you’d never have again, BUT THEY HAD IT and that was enough for you. Just to know that it exists somewhere was comforting. There was such a thing as love.

But if they can’t make it, now, who can? Certainly I can’t. Two people are fun and giddy (and good looking) who looked at each other with such adoration can’t make it (but hopefully they’ll decide that this is just a stupid decision and they’ll get back together and get married and have lots of silly babies) who can make it? Regular people who are not as funny and not as happy? Certainly not. Regular people with real jobs who don’t get to party every day and have to have boring jobs to pay the billz? Nopez.

Ugh. So grab your Ben and Jerrys and drown your sorrows. This honestly upsets me more than this past month when I smashed my car twice in 36 hours. That’s it. No more hope.

Here’s to the good times:

PS- WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?! You can’t break up! You moved across the country together! You live together! Marbles and Kermit will have a broken home!

I can’t even.

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7 responses to “The World Is Really Ending: Jenna Marbles and Max NoSleeves Break Up

  1. I. WANT. TO. DIE. If they can’t make it there is NO HOPE FOR ANY OF US. I still want to basque in the radiance of Jenna’s hilarious swag doe.

  2. you see their online personalities but you don’t really know what goes on every minute of their lives. It might not be as perfect as it seems, but you couldn’t know that if you didn’t know them personally well. Don’t let something you can’t even fully understand upset you so much.

  3. Ah, live and let live, they’ll both find someone else. Maybe it wasn’t destined to be, and they’ll be better off and happier. Look at people in Hollywood, they break up all the time…maybe YouTube is the new Hollywood.

  4. Oh please. There is no difference between these so called “regular people” & them. You either work on a relationship or you don’t. What a retarded thought. No hope because they didnt make it? Give me a break.

  5. Max is hands down one of the biggest assholes I’ve ever met. Seriously. He’s a complete douchebag.

  6. Don’t split up

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