Coupons and my Discover Card

Nerd Alert: you may know this, but I frickin’ love coupons. As kids, my sister and I used to clip coupons with my grandma, bring them home, and my mom would never use them. Well a couple months ago I realized (thanks to Extreme Couponing) that coupons are INCREDIBLE. If you look at the circulars and combine the items on sale with the coupons, you save like a hella lot of money. Plus, it gives me an excuse to buy and hoard things, which I love. (If any of you know me personally, and are in the area, feel free to give me your left over coupon inserts, so I can hoard cat food).

This week, ALL detergent was on sale for $2.99, which is crazy because it normally retails for $5.99. On top of this I had two $1 coupons, except one was expired. Well, I used it anyway because I figured it was worth a try and the stupid idiot took it, meaning that I got each bottle for $1.99. So I went online to Coupon Dede’s and ordered some coupons that we needed, like for cheese, butter, toilet paper, cat food, etc, and I ordered 3 more of the ALL coupons. They came in the mail today, the last day of the sale so I went to buy three more but they were sold out so I got a raincheck for 8 of them and now I can order 5 more coupons and BUY 8 OF THEM for $1.99 each and have detergent for like an entire year. YESSSSSSSSS HOARDING.

A week or two ago they had deodorant for .99 cents and I had a .50 coupon which doubled to $1 so I actually got it free. Unfortunately I realized this too late, and only had one coupon.

ALSO- I’d like to talk about my Discover card, my precious baby. I have the Discover cashback program, so 1% of every purchase is given back to me, and then I can redeem it in increments of $50, or for special offers. Every few months they have different highlights, where things like gas, hotels, movies, or grocery purchases are up to 5% cashback. Also some online purchases from selected retailers can be anywhere from 5-15% cash back. To date, in the last two years I’ve earned and redeemed $1000 in cash back money, right back onto my statements. That’s pretty nuts. And now, they’ve been giving me “gifts.” Every two weeks they’ll send me a gift- an offer of a specific amount to a specific store and if I spend that much or more at the store they reimburse my account. So far I’ve used $20 to Williams Sonoma, $4 to Starbucks, and $3 to Walgreens. Tomorrow I’m going to use $8 to Staples. The trick is to use just that amount and not much more so that you get to take advantage of the maximum amount of savings.


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One response to “Coupons and my Discover Card

  1. This is cool! I’ve watched this show before, and was always confused by how the people on it explained how the coupons worked. It does seem like it’s a lot of work, but I guess it’s worth it to save so much!

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