Vicki Gunvalson is a jerk.

My DAD came into my room the other night to talk to me. He had something very important to get off his chest. Real Housewives of Orange County. More specifically, Vicki Gunvalson of Real Housewives of Orange County. My dad HATES Real Housewives mostly because we play it constantly. But he actually watched it and was so horrified and enraged by Vicki that he came all the way to my room to express it.

If you watched Vicki deal with her daughter’s cancer scare you probably wanted to smack her too. I’ve never seen someone more self absorbed. She was acting all hysterical while on the way to the surgery with her daughter in the car, and the daughter was basically trying to calm her down. What a jerk. I can’t stand Vicki now. I have no idea how she spawned a wonderful, calm, witty person like Brianna because Vicki is the most annoying, hysterical, selfish person in the whole world. Even when they were in scenes that didn’t involve Brianna, she kept saying “Do you know what I’M GOING THROUGH?” Really? I don’t see anyone slicing out her thyroid. No wonder Brianna didn’t want to stay at her house after getting a major organ removed. Vicki’s the only thing in the world that could make recovering more painful. Not even a bottle of painkillers would be enough for me to deal with her squeaky voice.

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