Things I Thought Today #4


For two years I was dedicated to my POS blackberry curve. I loved the rolly ball. I loved the buttons. Finally, for my 25th birthday I bit the bullet and upgraded to an iphone4 (who needs siri?) for a whopping $108. A month later I’m so glad I did. Now I feel like I could probably live without an iphone, I’d just be a really unfortunate version of myself. I can’t believe how helpful this little phone is. Not only can I play Tetris like a psycho tetris addict during class, I can also email at the speed of light with my friends. I can also take clandestine photos of people’s ass cracks without a flash or sound going off. When my cat acts like a weirdo, I can whip it out and use it like a video camera and then email the footage within seconds. I keep a running list of my tip-outs from work. I plan my life on the calendar. I can keep track of my ebay account. I can play the Lorax game Truffala Shuffala when I don’t feel like dealing with the stress of not being able to beat my high score in Tetris. More importantly, today I used my little iphone to record a 56 minute review session of Microbiology. I didn’t have to buy a $60 voice memo recorder. It didn’t even use up that much of my battery life!

The only thing I hate about the iphone is the autocorrect. It’s annoying enough that I have to actually look at the screen to type, but god the autocorrect drives me nuts. There should be an option to turn it off. Other than that, the speed and ease of the iphone beats the blackberry like the nobody’s business. I hate to say it, but I am a convert. I am an apple junkie.

I’ve actually only had one extended conversation on the phone at this point, it was about 40 minutes long. I generally avoid talking on the phone at all costs. Oh ALSO the phone is great for taking quick photos of my lab results (petri dishes) and then emailing them to myself for future lab reports. I don’t even have to write down the results in my book because I can just refer to the photos. And I just downloaded a Skeletal Anatomy app which is insane. You can rotate the skeleton and zoom into different bones which pinpoint the different seams and curves and whatever. I’m sure that will be helpful in the few minutes before the test when I am panicking because I didn’t study sufficiently.

And the thing that makes me most happy is the green glittery case I bought myself for it. Because it looks like a mermaid.


I don’t know what it is but my hair went from awesome to gross in like two weeks. It’s all dry and tangly. Has it been six months since I last got it keratined? Between that and the fact that I feel an overwhelming need to eat my feelings today, I think that tomorrow might be one of those days when I cut off half of my hair myself. Also all of the red washed out of it and now I’m left with bleached blonde highlights that look cheap and staten-islandy.


At this point in time I think I know more people who are married/engaged than are not. It’s a little troubling since when I think of even dating someone I start to hyperventilate and have a panic attack. Maybe by the time the next round of my friends get married I’ll have actually moved out of my house. (Cross your fingers- t minus 5 months) Also, can you guys stop getting f*cking married and just wait until I have a real job and make real money so that I can actually attend your weddings and showers and whatever without like really hurting my bank account? I’m trying to figure out how I’m going to pay for rent and food next year when I’m in school with no time for a job, let alone thousands of dollars in gifts and travel.


Newsflash- I didn’t win. But I did invest 8 whole dollars between last Friday’s drawing and tonight’s. In the car today I was thinking about what I’d do if I actually won $240 million dollars. I’d still go to school. I’d still pursue nursing, and I think that’s a good sign that this is something I actually want to do. Just remember, the most important thing when you win the mega millions is to not tell anyone, because everyone and their mother will come after you with lawsuits.

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