Painting Rooms: The Mental Process

1. Wow, this is so exciting, I can’t wait to see what this paint looks like on the walls.
2. Ahhh, fresh roller. FEELS LIKE SUCCESS.
3. I’m so glad I decided to do this myself, I’m saving so much money on a painter.
4. Gotta tape the mouldings first.
5. (After taping one moulding) Ok, maybe I’ll just be really careful instead and do touch-ups on the moulding because this is annoying.
6. Wow! This first couple feet looks great. I’m going to get this done in record time just because I’m so excited.

7. {Two Hours Later} Ok, I’m less excited now, but I can do this.

8. {Two Hours Later} I can’t go on. Will do ceiling tomorrow.

9. {Tomorrow} Ohhhhh for the love of God, just let it be over.
10. {Ten minutes later} Ow, ow, ow, ow my arms, my neck, my back.
11. If I could just…. reach…. the tippy top to clean up the edges.
12. {Piles small step ladder on top of bedside table to reach 15 foot ceiling} This is definitely the smartest, and safest idea I have ever had. Please God, don’t let me break my neck.
13. How on earth did those little guys we hired last time reach the ceiling? They’re shorter than I am.
14. Apparently not taping the mouldings was the worst idea I have ever had.
15. I hope that tape comes off the floor that I did not cover with a drop cloth.
16. Oh good, it comes off with Fantastick.
17. Ugh, now I have to cover up all the smudges I made because I’m an idiot and scoffed at painter’s tape.
18. Maybe I’ll do that tomorrow…. or the next day.
19. I never want to see a drop of paint again in my life.
20. Next time I am hiring someone.

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